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Mayflower Events

Mayflower Events is a charity that organises personal challenge events with the primary aim of raising funds for charities that assist people who are facing barriers to their own access and enjoyment of the 'great outdoors'. Such barriers come in many forms - whether physical, mental, financial or societal. Each year the Mayflower trustees will distribute the net proceeds of our Events to a selected range of charities meeting our broad aims of widening access to (and increasing the uptake of) healthy outdoor recreation for all sections of UK society.

Our Ethos

The pressures of 'modern life' seem increasingly to disconnect us all from the simple joys and health benefits of recreation out in the natural world. The rise in popularity of adventure racing, trail racing and ultras in recent years is perhaps partly a reaction against (or at least an escape from) these adverse societal trends? Whatever the reasons, we believe passionately in the healing powers of healthy outdoor recreation in the natural world, so our goal is to encourage wider participation. By entering one of our events, you can get your own healthy 'fix' of the great outdoors whilst also doing your bit to help others make an exploratory start along a similar path.

Charity Trustees

Paul Armstrong

Paul is a keen hillwalker who finished climbing all the Scottish Munros in 2005 and then turned his attention towards various endurance challenge events, including the inaugural 250 mile Cape Wrath Ultra race in 2016.  The camaraderie and mutual support between the participants at that event has inspired him to organise a challenge event a little closer to home in East Anglia!


Bill Tweddell

Bill is a keen cyclist who has completed many endurance riding challenges including the feared London-Edinburgh-London event in 2017.

In autumn 2017 Bill was permanently paralysed from the chest down after being hit at night by an uninsured driver during the Flatlands 600km audax ride.


Sue Armstrong

Sue is a keen recreational skier and tennis player who doesn't really understand why some people like to take on extreme endurance challenges!

She fully recognises, however, the power of more everyday outdoors activity to boost people's mental and physical well being, so she is keen to raise funds to help more people access these benefits.

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